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"I just received my latest issue of Great Scots Magazine, and must tell you it lightens my heart everytime it arrives. My first and foremost thing to do is open up to the picture pages ... just love to see all those Scottie hams in action! Thank you for providing an informative and humorous magazine for Scottie lovers."
K.H., Michigan

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Writer's Guides For Those Wishing to Submit Scottish Terrier Related Articles for Publication


General Overview

                Great Scots Magazine is an independent 44-page bi-monthly subscription magazine with international circulation devoted to celebrating Scottish Terriers. Through inspiring and humorous stories of Scotties and their people, through photos, features, and informative, educational regular columns written by staff writers, GSM seeks to promote the bonding of Scottish Terriers and their people by celebrating Scottie companionship.

  Editorial Philosophy

                The soul of GSM is celebration. GSM is unique among breed magazines since it focuses on the synergy between Scotties and their people, i.e., the emphasis is not on the dogs by themselves, nor on owners alone, but on the magic of the companionship they share. This means that ideal submissions will be slanted toward documenting and celebrating the good life shared by Scotties and their people. The magazine is aimed at the general reader and is intended to be inclusive of all who love the breed, covering all aspects of life shared with Scotties, not merely the show ring, with special emphasis on the joy of companionship. In GSM every Scottie is a ‘great Scot,’ every relationship is a treasure, and every issue is a true celebration. It is our purpose to be a rare, good-hearted affirmation of the whimsy and fun and profound Celtic spirit that are the soul of the Scottish Terrier.


                It is not required that those submitting material for publication in GSM be “professionals” or that they have formal credentials, whether academic or professional. All voices are welcome, affiliated or unaffiliated. It is required that all submitted material reflect authentic knowledge and celebration of Scottish Terriers, as well as respect for those whose experience of Scotties may differ from that of the author. The voices heard in our pages are not required to be as urbane as writers in The New Yorker Magazine, but we do aspire editorially to be "the best Scottie read" ever, and therefore published material in GSM must be clear and compelling, possessing the authentic ring of truth of first-hand experience with Scotties known and loved.


                GSM does not pay writers, but offers valuable publication opportunities for writers wishing to build a portfolio of published work as well as a respected national and international forum for advocacy of the celebration of Scottish Terriers for those who truly have something important to say. Accepted writers receive four complimentary copies of the issue of GSM in which their article appears.

  Special Features of GSM

¨       Niche: GSM is aimed at the general Scottie owner, not the expert, so material should be written for non-experts. This does not mean our writing style is simplistic or superficial, but rather non-technical. Demographically our readers are typically mid-life female professionals with college or graduate school educations who are passionately devoted to their Scotties. This means GSM is that rare magazine which is actually read cover to cover, and re-read! Topics addressing readers’ heart, head, or will (= motivational) are suitable, therefore, for GSM pages, but all submissions are expected to reflect the dominant note of celebration of Scotties as companions.

¨       Opportunity for First-Time Writers: We are proud of the high percentage of first-time writers published in GSM. Because our magazine reflects the relaxed dynamics of true companionship writers are not required to be professionals to be published in GSM. Standards of English grammar, spelling, and syntax, apply, of course, as well as the principles of good storytelling, but first-time writers are encouraged to submit their work for consideration in our magazine. To be published in GSM is to be read eagerly by Scottie lovers from Maine to California, as well as foreign “Scottie Crazies” in multiple locations such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Japan, Austrailia, and Eastern Europe.

¨       Publication Rights: GSM expects “First Publication Rights” over material accepted for publication. This means material submitted should be original, unpublished writing. Under limited circumstances GSM may consider reprinting something previously published elsewhere. “Published” material includes electronic publishing on the internet. Phone or E-mail before submitting re-print material. Since our literate readers are savvy consumers both of hard-copy and electronic media, it is our aim to reward our readership by offering material NOT seen elsewhere. Authors retain copyright ownership. RETURN POLICY: unsolicited manuscripts will be returned ONLY if requested and accompanied by self-addressed, stamped envelope with appropriate return postage.

¨       Publication Time: GSM acknowledges manuscripts by return postcard. Evaluation of submissions subject to editorial schedules and deadlines. Expect two month turn-around. Accepted articles average 6 months publication time, from submission to print. Sometimes, however, depending upon publication needs and topic priorities, print time can be less and sometimes longer.

  Submission Guides

¨       Length:  approximately 1000 words (roughly 3 typed pages) plus relevant photos and/or illustrations. Longer pieces phone first. Incomplete submissions will not be considered since editorial judgment as to quality and suitability cannot be made without seeing the completed project. Preference will be given to articles submitted with accompanying artwork, i.e., photos, drawings, illustrations. Shorter pieces (shorter than 1000 words) are always welcome.

¨       Format:  we prefer electronic submissions, either as attachments to E-mail, or on IBM-formatted disk or Iomega Zip disk. GSM is created in Adobe PageMaker, but MS Word, WordPerfect files, or other typical word processing applications created in English can be imported. All submissions, whether electronic or hard-copy, must be typed using normal conventions (see a copy of The Writer’s Market, annual editions, at your local bookstore or library for details if you are uncertain). If submitting hard-copy, always send a copy, not the original, in the event of loss in delivery.

¨       Visuals:  Always think and write visually. As one Scottie lover to another, paint word-pictures which enable readers to get inside your celebration of Scotties. Think visually both in the sense of vivid description or examples which show what you mean and also in the sense of including pictures/illustrations with your writing to serve as windows to illuminate your story and make it concrete. Electronically sent graphics can be problematic for print reproduction due to low resolution over the Internet, so contact the editor. See the accompanying Photo Submission Guides.


                For first-time writers, the editor suggests starting with a single anecdote or “my funniest story” featuring your favorite Scottie. Tell the story with the same drama and suspense you would employ if you were telling it to a group of friends in your living room. As you write, visualize in front of you eager faces of Scottie lovers who like nothing better than a good Scottie story, and who can’t wait to hear yours. Then tell us your story with all the suspense, energy and drama worthy of the special Scottie you remember and love and want to celebrate!

  For further information contact Joseph Harvill, Publisher, 505/266-7211, or E-mail, or FAX The Editor 505/266-6726. See our website for samples of articles from past issues of Great Scots Magazine.

 Joseph Harvill, Publisher

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